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The need for lightweight and more efficient ships has required shops to use FSW technology to develop creative aluminum extrusions into panels for several different seafaring applications. The low heat input minimizes stress and creates a superior microstructure, minimizing distortion and eliminating the need for further operations to improve flatness or remove defects.

Panel producers have optimized shipbuilding operations using Mazak MegaStir products:

Allow extruders to take advantage of smaller presses to create large assemblies previously available to only large companies with massive presses and complicated/expensive dies
Replicates the forging process more closely than the welding process as a thermoplastic technique which means that post-welded parts produced by FSW can be joined for superior joint performance in environmentally friendly conditions
Ensures post-weld dimensional accuracy with superior weld quality that replicates the base material and its characteristics
Eliminates the possibility of weld distortion and post-weld correction process thus improving profitability

Friction Stir Welding is now being used worldwide in commercial and military shipbuilding and marine applications ranging from aircraft carriers to fishing boats, including:

Panels for decks, sides, bulkheads and floors
Hulls and superstructures
Helicopter landing platforms
Marine and transport structures
Refrigeration assemblies

How panel producers can benefit from Friction Stir Welded panels:

Parts produced with FSW have a high degree of completion, with few, if any, post-weld processes required
Exceptional repeatability guarantees a uniform level of performance and quality with very narrow tolerances
Flexible production equipment permits customized solutions without compromising delivery reliability
The completed panel units have been inspected and approved by classification authorities such as DNV GL, RINA and Lloyd’s Register
The panels’ high degree of straightness ensures easy assembly at the yard, reducing the need for manual welding
Outstanding build quality results in level floors and easy preparation for floor coverings, thus creating less supplementary work by the customer for major cost savings

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