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7 Reasons to Make DISCOVER 2021 Your Must-See Event This Year

You’re on the lookout for every advantage that can propel your shop past your competition. At Mazak, we offer a long list of great solutions to help you do just that – and we’re going to share that list with you as we Move Manufacturing Forward at DISCOVER 2021, October 25-29 at our North American

Mazak Brings Our Factory to You With the 360° Virtual Campus Tour

Since the 1970s, Mazak has manufactured advanced machining technology at our Florence, Kentucky-based campus here in the heartlands. Through the years, our U.S. headquarters has become one of the most technologically sophisticated manufacturing facilities in the world – and the hub of a global network of Technology and Technical Centers that gives customers access to

Mazak Delivers Progressive Learning Directly to Your Shop

  A well-trained team is crucial for manufacturing success. That’s why Mazak has long offered a Progressive Learning program with hands-on training for all of our equipment at Technology and Technical Centers across North America. However, as with most aspects of life in 2020, COVID-19 has changed the way we approach training at Mazak – and with the

Pandemic Creates New Job Roles and Fosters Automation Investment

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This observation was made by philosopher George Santayana in 1905, but can help manufacturers today avoid mistakes in responding to the impacts of the pandemic. History shows that there are two likely outcomes of the current crisis which relate to manufacturing. First, automation and

Fabricating a COVID-19 Solution the Mazak Way

At Mazak, we’re proud to manufacture some of the best machine tools in the world at our North American Headquarters in Florence, Kentucky, from cost-effective turning machines to the most advanced HYBRID Multi-Tasking systems. A big part of this is our Fabrication Department, which leverages powerful laser processing equipment, an experienced team of welders and

Technology and Innovation Will Keep Manufacturers Competitive

Manufacturing has always been defined by relentless innovation. Across industries and around the world, shops have pursued cutting-edge technologies to maintain a competitive advantage, from the rise of NC and CNC machining to today’s fully interconnected and online facilities. And in response to the pressing issues of our time, such as the widening skills gap

Probe Your Parts in 20 Seconds With SMOOTH Set & Inspect

As manufacturing technology has grown more and more sophisticated, the level of complexity has grown as well. Even modest machine tools today have precision that can be measured in microns – which means part and tool setup must be just as precise. Of course, CNC technology has always depended on accurate measurements, but the process

Re-tooling Your Shop to Manage Risk in Uncertain Times

COVID-19 has been an unwelcome game changer. The global pandemic will require us to alter just about every aspect of our lives – both at home and at work. And while it may seem counterintuitive to think about a silver lining amidst this current devastating situation, there is one, according to Mazak Corporation Vice President

Diamonds Are a Friction Stir Welder’s Best Friend for Aluminum

Modern aluminum alloys are used everywhere in world around us, from car bodies to aerospace launch vehicles and from high-speed rail cars to cruise ships. Thanks to the addition of various other metals, including copper, magnesium, silicon and zinc, among others, lightweight aluminum excels in tough environments and at high temperatures, making it perfect for

Add Better Welds to Your Workflow With Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

As a pioneer in Friction Stir Welding (FSW), Mazak MegaStir specializes in finding ways to remove challenging materials from the impossible-to-join list, creating defect-free joints with greater strength than conventional welds. Within the Mazak HYBRID Multi-Tasking family of machine tools, FSW technology often holds the key to breakthroughs in production for aerospace, electronics, energy production